About us

Our company

Planet Of Gui is a 50 Week virtual learning environment coupled with tangible learning tools customized for every child in the

age group of 6-12 years. Our balanced approach with online and offline content enables us to have a direct impact on children's

learning abilities in classroom as well as day-to-day activities. We aim to complement the existing education system and

provide an extended support to teachers and parents in nurturing young minds to be future-ready. We are committed to

ensuring a meaningful cognitive development journey for each and every child.

Our Team

We are a collaborative group of practicing Educationists, Parents, Artists, Technologists and Business Professionals who firmly

believe that every child has a unique set of intelligence and cognitive skills that need stimulation and motivation to be

developed. This stimulation is a critical first step for ensuring that every child has a successful academic and personal life. The

word "Shirsa" is derived from the Sanskrit word Shirsasana "शीर्षासन" - a type of yoga that helps in improving the brain

Ahaan Shaikh

"The amount of information we have to remember for each subject is too much! Dates, definitions, formulae, names – I can go on and on. The games I play on SHIRSA are fun and at the same time help me build on my memory. Now, I am performing better in History and Chemistry."
Vedhika Nayyar

"SHIRSA has become an active part of my daily routine. From quarter to seven till seven in the evening, that time is only for SHIRSA. It is really cool and the games are very challenging! Those fifteen minutes have become my favourite time of the day."